Invitation To The Straight Path That Leads To Paradise

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Undoubtedly, none of us had any choice to our gender, race or country of origin. We were not at liberty to choose our mother tongue, let alone our mothers and subsequent families. With this being the reality of each of our situations, it is thus the requirement of every seeker of truth to utilize those faculties given to us by the Creator, to search for, examine, and thus submit to the truth when we find it. The truth is one and universal, not many and circumstantial. Just as we didn't choose our families, the decision on which religion they would raise us upon was also out of our hands. However one reaches a point in one's life when one must consciously choose the path they will tread upon for what remains of their life. This book introduces the reader to a thought-provoking discussion designed to offer vital and precious information which would aid in this great decision, choice, and or transition.