About Us

Scent is the strongest sense tied to memory...

Established in 2012, Scent Of A Memory sought to bring passion and excitement back into the World of Fragrance. Specializing in fragrance oils, Designer Types were introduced recreating the scent notes of various perfumes and colognes. Believing that corporation's marketing and packaging had narrowed the vision of their fragrances, oil-based recreations were produced in a "stripped" form, allowing the consumer to interpret each fragrance as they experienced it.

Scent Of A Memory expanded their selection by inviting fragrance connoisseurs into the World of Imported Oils otherwise known as attar. With imported fragrance oils (or attar) now available, customers were able to take a walk on the exotic side of perfumes and breathe in the notes of India, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, & more.

Scent Of A Memory will have much more to offer as it continues to expand all categories of fragrance oils. Coming soon will be our specially selected fragrance accessories for the home, car, and on the go. 

We welcome you and we thank you once again for making our scent, "your" Scent of a Memory!